Private Fees

Medical examinations and reports for special purposes, e.g. life insurance, driving licence approval, pre-employment, etc are not paid for by the NHS.  They can be undertaken by doctors by appointment, but a fee will be charged for these services.

A list of fees can be found below:

private fees


Imperial Medical Practice Fees 2019



Seat belt exemption 70.00
HGV/PSV licence 85.00
HGV/PSV licence - report only 56.00
Taxi licence 85.00

Certificates and Forms

BUPA claim 35.00
Driving licence photograph 20.00
Freedom from infection certificate 20.00
Private sick certificate 20.00
Shotgun licence certificate              N/A
Sickness / Accident insurance benefit claim form 30.00
Simple certificate 15.00

Access to Records Under Data Protection

Access electronic records No Charge
Access paper records No Charge
Photocopies of paper records No Charge
GP time per hour 180.00
Photocopies of notes per side 0.15

Travel and Holiday Vaccinations

Holiday cancellation insurance claim/certificate 45.00
Holiday insurance claim/certificate 45.00
Holiday cancellation form 35.00
Fitness to travel certificate 20.00
Fitness to travel report extracted from records 35.00
Fitness letters and examination 135.00
Vaccination certificate 25.00
Rabies per injection Private Prescription
Heb B - course of 3 vaccines, health check.  Plus blood test after completion of course 185.00
Hep B - booster per extra dose - health check plus injection 65.00
Hep B Jnr 18.50

Medical Examination and Reports

Employment medical 100.00
Employment medical - half an hour 55.00
certificate of incapacity 15.00
Employment report 80.00
Employment - Local Authority / Fire Service 100.00
Full medical 100.00
Ofsted (Child Minders) - report 35.00
Solicitors - hourly rate (min 15 mins = £40) 150.00
Power of Attorney - examination 100.00
Power of Attorney - report 75.00-100.00
Power of Atorney -witness report 25.00
Proforma reports 50.00
Insurance reports from 75.00
Insurance reports (supplementary) 25.00
Extract from records, short certificate (5 minutes) 50.00
Pro-forma report, no exam (20 minutes) from 75.00
Detailed written report, no exam (30 minutes) 75.00
Full exam and report (45 minutes consultation) 195.00
Occupational Health (without examination) 75.00
Accident report (including full examination) 195.00
Sports medical and report 110.00
Private Blood Test 30.00
Private Blood group (non pregnancy related) 20.00
Blood grouping and anti-bodies                30.00
Private Prescription and advice 15.00
DNA Testing-first patient 50.00
DNA Testing- subsequent patients       10.00
Paternity testing 30.00
Fostering/adoption-initial assessment of child 58.00
Fostering/Adoption-health assessment, prospective 75.00
Fostering/Adoption-update report, parent/carer 25.00
Fostering/Adoption-Assessment of child (pd for by employer) 97.00
Private Temporary Resident consultation 75.00
Private smear test plus lab costs 30.00
Private medical consultation 30.00


Letter from doctor 15.00
Fit for excercise 15.00
Letter-To whom it may concern 20.00
Fitness for university 75.00
Fit to attend school exam 15.00
Fit to attend state school exam 30.00
Exam sick note-typed letter 30.00
School fees 30.00