Vaccinations and Immunisations

Immunisation for Adults


Anyone who has had a full primary course of three injections plus at least two boosters will have lifelong immunity, but contaminated wounds may require further immunisation.  Those over fifty may not have had these vaccinations, please check with the Practice Nurse.  Gardeners are particularly at risk from tetanus.



It is strongly recommended that all women planning to become pregnant should have their immunity to rubella checked, and treated if necessary.

image of a patient being vaccinated


image of patient being vaccinated

Flu injections

At certain times of the year, we offer flu injections to patients at particular risk, which includes all patients over sixty-five, asthmatics, diabetics, those with long-term heart and lung complaints and on long-term steroids or immunosuppressants.  We will write to you giving you specific dates when you can book an appointment.



Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are available by appointment with the Practice Nurses, which should be made at least six weeks prior to travel if possible.  Some vaccinations are free, others are chargeable, reception would be happy to advise.



Immunisations for Children

Routine health checks are carried out by doctors or health visitors.  The Practice runs a comprehensive infant and pre-school immunisation programme: it is most important that your child is properly immunised.  You will be informed when the next injection is due - please let us know if you cannot keep an appointment so we may rearrange it.


image of child being vaccinated